The 13 Principles - My Journey

Walking in the footsteps of Napoleon Hill

Chapter 2 - How much is Enough?

Let us listen to Karen doing the reading today.

Chapter 2 - How much is Enough?

 Most people think they want more money than they really do, and they settle for a lot less than they could get.” (Earl Nightingale) For you to get this prosperity concept into high gear, you must be specific—exactly how much money do you want? Remember, you are working with your subconscious mind and the subconscious does not think. It merely accepts images and then moves them into form. Understand that thinking, by itself, is not enough—you must move into action.

You that you have great resources of talent and ability locked up, within you, just waiting to be expressed. Earl Nightingale says, “We tend to minimize the things we can do, the goals we can reach, and yet, for some equally strange reason, we think others can do things that we cannot.” Keep in mind there are only two ways to earn money: people at work, or money at work. How often do you pay yourself? That less than 5 people in every 100 ever pay themselves first. They pay themselves FIRST! This is better known as the Babylonian law of financial success. A Part Of All You Earn Is Yours To Keep Your Financial Independence Account. Pay yourself 10 percent of your income. The money goes into savings, until such time as you have accumulated enough capital to make a wise investment.

People fall into three distinct categories with respect to “finances”: 1. Deficit position (into debt), 2. Break-even position (just getting by, but debt-free), 3. Surplus position. For if a person is in a deficit financial position, it means they are in the “habit” of spending more money than they earn. Similarly, if they are in a break-even position, they are in the habit of spending everything they earn.

Listen to Bob and take some time to learn this new year.

You were Born Rich - my next book project

Chapter 1

Me and Money - a view from a new learner

Those who know the truth learn to love it. Those who love the truth learn to live it. There can be no denial of the fact that money is important to any person living in a civilized society. Always remember, money is a servant; you are the master. You should always love people and use money, rather than the reverse.

Money Must Circulate. Money is not meant to be taken out of circulation—rather, it is meant to be used, enjoyed and circulated. Money is not meant to be hoarded. One of the reasons that wealthy people have money is that they have developed that state of consciousness we will hereinafter refer to as, a “prosperity consciousness.” Therefore, it follows, if we wish to attract money to ourselves, we must begin to foster a prosperity consciousness as well. The best way to develop a prosperity consciousness is to start seeing yourself, in your mind’s eye, already in possession of the amount of money that you desire.

The reason this is so is that since the subconscious mind cannot distinguish between the actual possession of money and mere visualization. For when you succeed in convincing your subconscious mind that you are wealthy and that it feels good to be wealthy, your subconscious mind will automatically seek ways of making your “imaginary” feelings of wealth manifest themselves in material form.

Worrying about money is always extremely counterproductive. If you really want to significantly increase the amount of money you are presently earning, the first thing you must do is learn to pay substantially less attention to what others around you are saying and substantially more attention to what that “quiet voice” that speaks within you, is saying. You must strive to become much less susceptible to influences outside of yourself and much more inclined to trust the instincts and feelings that lie within you. Thinking is the highest function of which a human being is capable. Yet, unfortunately, very few people “think.” For mental awareness of prosperity always precedes wealth in your material world.

Any idea, plan or purpose may be planted in the subconscious mind by repetition of thought empowered by faith and expectancy. You must begin to see money as an obedient, diligent servant, that you can employ to earn more money, and that you can use to provide services far beyond the service that you could ever physically provide. Understand that the wealth you are seeking is—and always has been—seeking you in return. Remember, it is an absolute law of your being, that you must have something mentally before you will ever have it physically!

You are living simultaneously on three distinct planes of existence. 1) The Spiritual Plane of Thoughts (Highest Potential) 2) The Intellectual Plane of Ideas (Middle Potential) 3) The Physical Plane of Results (Lowest Potential) Be very aware that ideas, such as the idea of “financial success,” never form by themselves; the human personality must always enter into the process, by thinking the thoughts which can then be used to build the idea. Start working from Thoughts … (Spirit) to Idea … (Intellectual) to Thing … (Physical) rather than working from Thing … (Physical) to Thoughts … (Spirit) to Idea … (Intellectual) You must begin to understand that the present state of your bank account, your sales, your health, your social life, your position at work, etc., is nothing more than the physical manifestation of your previous thinking.

If you sincerely wish to change or improve your results in your physical world, you must change your thoughts and you must change them immediately. Cease permitting your physical world to control your thinking. In Emerson’s essay on Self-Reliance he said, “Envy is ignorance.” In other words, to look at another person’s “Accomplishments,” or “Results,” and then to envy them, is truly unwise. Abraham Lincoln said, “To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all; but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing.”

A few thoughts for the New Year

I am just after re reading Think and Grow Rich over the holidays. here is my very brief over view and a few scattered thoughts. Let us start 2020 with purpose and a desire to learn and improve.

1. You will attract into your life whatever you focus on

2. You are always creating, so create the life you want.

3.You get back exactly what you give out.

4.We are simply energy.

5.Thoughts influence your body so negative thoughts are toxic.

6. The sub conscious mind holds negative thoughts.

7.It needs to be re programmed through Affirmations and Visualization.

8. You can make a conscious decision to re program your mind.

9. Emotions are key so keep them positive.

10. Positive thoughts create positive feelings.

11. Do things that bring you joy to make you feel positive.

12. Nobody can tell you how to feel, only you get to decide that.

13. Make a conscious decision to choose happiness.

14. Focus on why your attention wanders off to the negative.

15. Find your purpose and live a life of purpose.




Something to make the holidays happy

Spend some time and have a listen to Bob as he shows us a world of opportunities. Next Year can be your year if you plan for it and really want it.
Be successful and have a Happy Christmas and let us all look forward to a peaceful New Year.

The Mindset Challange --- Are you up for it?

Watch Bob set us a challenge to change and grow between now and the end of the year. This is so that we might go into 2020 with a clear understanding of what we want, our goals, and a clear plan of how we are are going to achieve them, a changed 'Mindset'. This is our time now. Let's put it to use.

Bob at his best.

With Bob Proctor as my Guide

Today, I start my journey in personal development with a new mentor, Bob Proctor. As I read the story of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I look forward to new opportunities and growth as I learn to employ the 13 Principles in my life and change my habits and thought patterns forever. I wish to share with you all my insights and ask you for your observations and learning if you have travelled this road before me.

It is time.

All journey's begin by simply taking one step and so with me, I begin my exploration of the 13 Principles of the book Think and Grow Rich. Feel free to join me and give me your insights.

I have today downloaded the book and will read the opening chapters. I will return during the week to give my views and opinions on this classic work.

I am excited and looking forward to following this set of golden rules which I hope can lead to my success and indeed our mutual success.

It all starts with a thought!

Words of wisdom from Bob to start us on our journey.

The Power of Thoughts and Desire - Principle 1

Think and Grow Rich - My Learning Journey

Hi All, I have finally managed to get Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich finished. Indeed I have re read the first two chapters several times this weekend so as I can get a clearer insight into this most important book.

In the first chapter Hill talks about your 'thoughts' and how they have the power to influence and indeed change your life. He gives us the example of Edwin Barnes and how his earnest wish was to work with and be a partner of the great inventor Thomas Eddison. Although Barnes did not know Eddison, he kept a positive outlook in his quest to partner with him. He never gave up and his persistance was eventually rewarded. This is contrasted with the story of Mr Darby who had is goal of striking it rich but after several set backs he decided to cut his losses and give up. He did not show a burning desire for his quest and this was further highlighted when the new owner of his mine struck gold only three feed from where Mr Darby stopped digging.

This was to show that many failures afre only temporary and persistance can win out on the day. You must be prepared to give your all in pursuit of your goal or ambition.


In chapter 2 we come to the principle of Desire. Hill say desire is the starting point of all achievement. Anyone can achieve whatever they dream of if they show a burning desire to achieve it. This is much different to hoping or wishing for something to happen. Desire is definate an insatisable.

Hill describes a 6 step method, showing how anyone can achieve their heart's desire, such as creating great wealth for example.

1. Fix in your mind the exact amount of money needed.

2. Determine exactly what you are willing to commit to make it happen.

3. Specify the exact time and date for achieving this goal.

4. Create a plan to deliver it and take the first step towards the goal.

5. Describe your desire in clear terms.

6. Write it down, read it, and repeat it twice daily at least.


I was really excited reading this as I had never sat down and examind how and why I do things. Several thing became clear to me, I never showed that type of desire for anything. I just wished or hoped for something to happen and when it did not I just took comfort in the thought that it was not meant to be. Also I certainly never made such a detailed plan in puruits of any of my quests. I see already that I had a lax attitude to life and achieving my goals. Although not lazy I never really set any serious goals for myself. This journey is going to mean a big turnaround in attitude from me. I look forward to this learning as I travel anlong now with purpose.

I ;look forward to your comments and ideas from people who wish to take the same road as me now and indeed from those who have experienced these principles and how they changed their lives. 

Until the next time, take care and travel safely.

Faith - Principle 2

In this third chapter Hill writes about 'FAITH' and how important it is to have a deep faith. He agrees that at times it is difficult to be faithful and it is a challange when all around you see change, disruption and chaos. Hill agrees that having faith is most essential during these turbulent times.

Hill also looks at visualization and agrees the practice can be used both in the positive and the negative. Negative belief soaking into the sub conscious mind comounded by a negative lifestyle end up in a negative life. This also is true in the opposite viewpoint where a positive mind and lifestyle give the great advantage when trying to achieve a rich and successful life.

One of Hill's famous quotes is 'whatever the min can concieve and believe, it can achieve'. Therefore he argues if you wish to see success in your life you must see yourself being successful in your minds eye. You must believe it completely so that your mind will work and act towards achieving thta very goal.

Again I feel i am a lightweight when it comes to faith. While i believe and have a positive outlook I may feel at times that I am unworthy and things will not fall nicely in to place for me. So much work to be done here but again it is good to have it identified and that a plan can be put in to place to help deliver it.

I include two links here at the bottom of this page, one is a link for the Bob Proctor where you can downlaod a copy of the book, Think and Grow Rich. The other is for an audio version of it for those who prefer to listen.


Bob takes us on a powerful journey

Paradigm Power

Autosuggestion - Principle 3

 If you have followed the six-step method outlines by Hill in the previous chapter, you will have a statement and are working on a plan to achieve your desire. What you need to do next, according to Hill, is to train your subconscious mind to attain the success you want.

Auto-suggestion is a technique of teaching yourself to believe that you can achieve whatever you want. Hill writes that in order to do that, just sit in a peaceful and quiet area, and read your statement while visualizing and believing that you have already achieved your desire. What you want to do is to condition your desire into your subconscious mind.

Hill also says that when you reach your own subconscious by channeling your thoughts, success will not be such an enigma anymore. Auto-suggestion will create an unfaltering faith in you that will steer you in the right direction that you want to travel. Just like driving a car, you do not need to focus on doing it because you have trained your brain and body to act on it automatically, like your second nature. And when you have convinced yourself about the desire you want to achieve through auto-suggestion, you will work on the success you desire and gain desirable results effortlessly. 

This again give me courage, we are now getting a plan for how me might develop our minds and grow to be successful. This I fear is where my issues have been. I have done the best I could with the knowledge and tools available to me. Now, with this new information and new skillset being developed and my own plan I look forward to putting it all in to action and building a successful life.

Let Bob tell it in his own unique way. #personaldevelopment

Specialized Knowledge - Principle 4

In this chapter, Hill argues that knowledge is power and if you want to achieve outstanding success, you must acquire and use your specialized knowledge. Hill gives the example to differentiate between education and knowledge. He writes that professors and teachers are highly educated, but some of them are struggling with their finances because they fail to organize their knowledge with practical plans. Also it is the application of such knowledge that is important. Knowledge itself is just a form of potential power, so Hill advises readers to always seek knowledge through public libraries, training courses, universities, colleges, practical experiences, and often read books in the related industry to gain more specialized knowledge that will give you an edge. You do not necessarily need to have the specialized knowledge in your own head; you can rely on and make use of those who do. Hill also says that education system may not be the best system because it does not share with students how they can organize and apply the information they have learned. If knowledge itself is power, then every teacher in the school will be the most successful people and are living wealthy right now. However, this is often not the case. It is the implementation of the ideas and knowledge that you have acquired that make the difference.

This is key for me when I think of my own situation. I held myself back because I did not have the knowledge and skills to progress certain projects but I could have and should have gone out and partnered with the people who had those skillsets. Here for me education was simply cramming of useless information that I could see no use for. The teavhers seemed to value more the holding and storing of the knowledge than the application of the knwledge to practical matters thus bringing about success.

This has also taken me almost a lifetime to realise and to try to rectify. The book Think and Grow Rich helps with the development of practical plans we can all put in place to reverse a liftime of misinformation and missed opportunities.

The Next Big Event -- Do not Miss this!


Imagination - Principle 5

Hill opens this chapter with the story, a clerk, many years ago, from a drug store used all of his life savings, about $500 to buy an old kettle, a wooden spoon and a secret formula from a doctor. It was a good deal for the doctor who wanted to retire, but little did the doctor know that it turned out to be a life-changing deal for the clerk, Asa Candler.

He knew that he did not really purchase the kettle and the wooden spoon, but an idea. Candler then mixed the ingredient with the secret formula from his own imagination and created Coca-Cola. Candler aggressively marketed the new drink and became super successful with it. Coca-Cola has created thousands of jobs and business opportunities to people all across the world, and it all starts with the germanation of an idea.

Hill says that imagination is one the most important steps to success that everyone must use it. He explains that there are two types of imagination, one is the synthetic imagination, which simply rearranges the existing ideas into new concepts. Another type of imagination is the creative imagination, which creates something from nothing.

Most people believe that riches  only come from hard work, which according to Hill, is only partially true. Hill writes that riches come “in response to definite demands, based upon the application of definite principles… when a creator of ideas and a seller of ideas got together and worked in harmony.” The ideas that come from imagination are the forces that cause things to come into reality. And so you must add imagination to your specialized knowledge to grow rich.

This principle again is quite clear for me and again not enough work is put into or time given over to the imagination. The idea of this is considred 'day dreamoing ' and a person being non  productive. This is far fom the truth, I know myself that I fail to give adequete time to allowing my mind to imagine creative solution to problems I am dealing with. Here again is the need for a 'Paradigm Shift in our thinking about how we handle certain situations and attempt to solve some of our more difficult problems that may require new solutions.


Take a look at Bob talking about imagination.

Everything starts in the mind.

Magic in Mind

Organized Planning - Principle 6

In the last chapter, Hill had touched on the importance of organizing  information to gain riches. So in this chapter, he discusses how one can achieve extraordinary success through organized planning. He shares with the readers a couple of steps that can be taken to put in place a practical plan to achieve what so ever people desire.

First of all Hill says, you must associate yourself with other people to create a direction and a way forward to put your plan into action. He calls this group of like minded people, the ‘mastermind’. He dedicates a complete  chapter to this topic and he talks about how you form alliances with this group of like minded people. He tells us you need to determine what you can offer them in return for their help and cooperation. It must not be a one sided partnership. Besides that, you must make sure you meet with your mastermind group at least twice every week to perfect your plan and implement it by taking decisive action.

He asks us to make sure to always maintain harmony with your group in order to achieve maximum results. Hill  says that the process of planning must be continuous and persistent. This is most true even when you face difficulties and failures, one must never give up but continue to work on your idea and implement your plan for achieving it. Hill dedicates much effort to this chapter, he even lists the 11 qualities of a leader and the 10 major causes of leadership failure. He tells us of the 30 causes of failure in life and the 28 questions one should ask oneself in order to gauge our progress. This shows the importance attached to sitting down and with focus deciding where to go.

Here again I feel inadequete in all my planning efforts. With good intentions over the Xmas holiday season life is re evaluated. Promises and resolutions made and change attempted with gusto. But by not having it built in to my daily life schedule these good motivations disappear with the snow in spring. This to me was a very important chapter and tells me where my focus must return. If I am to live by these principles a radical change of paradigm must occour and a firm resolution must take hold. I find that I must even be selfish about it and start to put myself first by allocating time and effort to this process. 

Paradigm Shift - Preview

Take a look at what happens at a real Paradigm Shift seminar.

You owe it to yourself as change can only start with you and come from within.

Book now for October 2019 at this link

Put yourself first and Change that Paradigm forever.

Decision - Principle 7

 Napoleon Hill tells us in this chapter one of the most common reasons people fail is because of procrastination. He says that it is important to avoid procrastination and so take immediate action. Most people will wait and refuse to do things immediately, which causes them to lose motivation and eventually, fail in their venture.

Hill gives the example of Henry Ford, who was known to make quick decisions and once he made those decisions, he changed them very slowly and deliberately. Ford was famous as an obstinate person who created the ‘Model T’, where a lot of customers and advisors said that the car was ugly, but Ford was not put off from his decision. So of course, Ford’s persistence paid off and made Ford one of the greatest mass producers of cars in the world.

The ability to decide quickly and with determination comes from having a definite purpose and understanding of exactly what you want. This ability defines great leaders. Hill tells us, “The world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going.” Apart from that and following on from it Hill also says that if you are easily influenced by others and take a long time to make a decision because you need to listen to advice from others, you will rarely succeed. This is because it means that you do not have that  strong burning desire for what you want which has been talked about inearlier chapters. You must use your own brain, thoughts, body, and soul to make your decisions and to stand by them even in the face of opposition.

This is again a follow up from earlier ideas and compounds them in that you must be single minded in your pursuit of your goal. That is why for me as a drifter and a procrastinator it is so difficult to take charge of situations. As we are now half way through the book a clear pattern is emerging. That is Idea followed by plan and delivered by action. I can see I have lots of work to do in all these area's but at least I am now aware of what to start doing and how to begin achieving it. Interesting times ahead.

If anyone would like to comment or advise I would be very grateful for your input.

Take a look at how Bob Proctor explains the problem
and check the solutions he offers. These links can also be found in the Resources page.

Persistance - Principle 8

 Persistence is an extremely important factor that will surely determine your success and so your riches in life. Hill tells us persistance is an important habit or practice to get into in order to develop and build faith so that success in your endeavors will be ensured. There are a couple of examples given by Hill to show  will and determination in handling difficult moments.

One is Thomas Edison, the famous inventor who invented light-bulb. Hill tells us  that Thomas Edison failed more than 10,000 times in his attempts, but Edison continues to persist and work single mindedly on his experiment despite all the failures. Most people will quit after failing a few times, let alone 10,000 times like Edison. And this is exactly why most people fail to amass wealth or success in life.

They simply jump to the conclusion that things will not work out and so they give up way too soon. Remember the story of Darby? He was just 3 feet away from striking gold, but he quit way too soon. Persistence is a state of mind that can be cultivated by having the definiteness of purpose, self-reliance, desire, accurate knowledge, willpower, definiteness of plans, and also a habit.

This once again shows up in our lives, when we do not stick with the task because we refuse to truely believe in what we are working on. We simply decide to cut our losses and move to the next issue. Of course it means that none of the earlier principles were followed either.

We simply did not approach our task in an organised matter with the correct amount of believe in a properly developed plan of action. It once again shows up how often we take the easy option and so so allow what we have conceived in our head not to be carried into reality, perhaps because we listen to much to others who have a different agenda. It adds to the lack of planning that we approach most things in life and now must change. As we approach a new year in 2020 , it will provide an ideal opportunity to change the paradigm that has controlled our thinking up to this point. I look forward to the challange.

Bob nails it again

Persistance is the greatest form of courage anyone can show.

Bob tell us how to set up a Mastermind group

This is also a talk on his most valuable Six Minutes to Success. Please check it out through my link on the Resources page. You will not be disappointed.

The Power of Mastermind - Principle 9

In this chapter Hill writes that mastermind is perhaps the most important principle to achieving success. He already tells us earlier in the chapter that you need to leverage both the economic and “psychic” features of having such a group of individuals to support you in your journey. In a simple terms, the combination of experience and brainpower has a serious economic advantage. For instance, when you are surrounded by like-minded people who are always striving for higher success and better results, you will also think the same and so act the same. You will have become influenced by the people around you and then become like them in whta they do.

On the other hand, when you surround yourself with lazy and negative people, you will follow the same pattern and become lazy and negative. The opposite actions generates the opposite results. A mastermind group is a group of like-minded people who meet regularly to push themselves toward their goals, hold each other accountable, and tackle challenges and solve problems together. Andrew Carnegie, the industrialist who encouraged Hill to write this book, had his own mastermind group. The same goes for Henry Ford. Ford built a group and met regularly with Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and other brilliant minds in a mastermind group which was held at their winter mansions in Florida.

Napoleon Hill is the person who popularized the concept of the mastermind. He believes that one cannot be successful without the help of others. So when he refers to help, he is not referring to any help, but specific help from other successful people who can support and help you grow you to greater heights and thus become more successful.

I must also mention my absence these past 3 weeks, I also have been taking part in a retreat where I have been looking at my life so far and how I might better apply these principles. Some time spent of the grid without phone or wifi has made me realise that I am only playing at life with out any form of plan or coherant approach. This break has also taught me the value of treating my body properly if I wish to raise my awareness and improve my mind and thus my chances of living a successful life. I will talk more on this topic each week as we now move through the principles and attempt to build a plan of action.


A modern twist on the old classic.

Thought vibrations.

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation - Principle 10

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation is where Hill describes the power of sex transmutation. What is that you might ask? He says that the sexual urge is a very powerful force, so much so that men lose their focus and risk their lives, career and also money to quench these types of desires.

So if this sexual energy can be transformed into a creative energy, it has tremendous power and ability to help boost your willpower. What Hill is trying to say is that sexual desires are insatiable and they can be converted into something that is very productive. As he writes it, “When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times.”

This chapter may sound awkward, but the concept and idea that Hill is trying to share is quite simple. He wants his readers to understand that sexual desire is one of the strongest human desires, and if this willpower can be channeled into your productive and creative faculty, it can be life-changing.

This is back to primeval man in his hunter/gaterere environment. Our most basic urge is to procreate so if this instint can be attached to a business concept then great advances can be made. So if we see it as our inbuilt role to provide for our family then we will go to great lengths to be successful at it. It will also force us to innovate and be imaginative about how we become successful.

Principle 11 - The Subconscious Mind

This book is all about harnessing the power of your subconscious mind. and though Hill has covered some of the most important ideas and the concept of your subconscious mind workings in the earlier chapter, Hill dedicates a full chapter to remind his readers about the importance of understanding and connecting their subconscious mind with riches and success.

According to Hill, we can voluntarily plant any idea we desire in our subconscious mind to use its power to achieve what we want in life. Of course, it is not really possible that we can control everything in our subconscious mind, but it is possible to achieve what you want when you believe in it. Our subconscious mind works 24/7, even when we are sleeping our subconscious mind does not. Therefore, our habits, desires, and actions are a large part of our subconscious conditioning.

If you can condition the success and richness you want into your subconscious, you develop creativity, faith, beliefs, and actions that will automatically bring you the results you want. One good way to condition your desire to your subconscious is through meditation and visualization. Quiet your mind through meditation, and then consciously visualize what you want to instill the pictures of your desire into your subconscious mind.

Bob will open your eyes here.

The Power of the Subconscious Mind - we can all learn so much from Bob.

The Brain - Principle 12

 The Brain, Napoleon Hill explains is a remarkable machine and it works just like a broadcasting and receiving station for thoughts. With more than 14 million nerve cells, the brain works like a factor that guides and controls our day-to-day life.

He also says that thoughts are things and the greater the vibration our brain receives, the higher the chances we can achieve our goals. This is why a mastermind group works. Your mind is a broadcasting and receiving station, when you talk with others and join them regularly, their thoughts will influence you and think like they do. This is what is often called “Like attracts like”, just like the concept of “Yin and Yang” also. Plus, the vibrations in your brain can be increased through emotions.

When people are emotionally attracted to what they desire in life, they tend to work more tirelessly and seem to have the energy to the breakthrough difficult situation and produce success more easily. This is what Hill means when he says to have a “burning” desire. He means a strong and emotional desire that will help you breakthrough all the failures, rejections and setbacks in your journey.

This chapter builds on much of the work already done. It is that old adage that 'thoughtare things' which drives much of the thinking here and we we can influence it and have it influenced by other if we allow it to be so.

Get into the Brain and change that frequency.

Always learning, that is the key to success.

The Sixth Sense - Principle 13

 The Sixth Sense, some people refer to sixth sense as to their gut feeling or intuition.Hill says that it is crucial to believe and tap into one’s sixth sense when it comes to making a decision and accumulating wealth. Hill defines sixth sense as “that portion of the subconscious mind which has been referred to as the Creative Imagination,” through which “you will be warned of impending dangers in time to avoid them, and notified of opportunities in time to embrace them.”

Hill tells us that it is not possible to explain how the sixth sense works, but it can only be understood once you have experienced it. This is why some successful people have the hunches or inner feelings that guide them and tell them what to do.

They follow their instinct, and most of the time, their instinct will lead them somewhere better. Hill writes that sixth sense has the ability to access our infinite intelligence and it can provide a combination of spiritual and mental thoughts that guide and connect you with the Universal Mind.

Sometimes, people do things out of their gut feeling, and as it turns out, they are right. Napoleon Hill declares that he does not believe in miracles, but somehow, there seems to be a higher power that can transform things beyond our wildest imagination.

So is this the end of the journey or has it only just begun. If anyone has followed and studied the book Think and Grow Rich these past few weeks and would like to join in the discussion, please feel free. It is my gut feeling that this learning experience is about to take off. Please continue to leave a comment and tell me if you have taken any of Bob's courses which I have given the links to in the resources page.

The Sixth Sense

Magic in your mind as you learn to explore and appreciate this wonderful gift.

Summary and Review

And so we come to the end of this little journey, let us review it and see what we have learned.

The following are the three themes in the book that most resonate with me:

The Power of Thought

The Power of the Subconscious

The Power of Purpose

 Napoleon Hill's 13 Steps to Riches

Desire: The Turning Point of All Achievement.

Faith: Visualizing and Believing in the Attainment of Desire

Auto-Suggestion: The Medium for Influencing the Subconscious Mind

Specialized Knowledge: Personal Experiences or Observations

Imagination: The Workshop of the Mind

Organized Planning: The Crystallization of Desire into Action

Decision: The Mastery of Procrastination

Persistence: The Sustained Effort Necessary to Induce Faith.

Power of the Master Mind: The Driving Force

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation.

The Subconscious Mind: The Connecting Link.

The Brain: A Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Thought.

The Sixth Sense: The Door to the Temple of Wisdom


Hill’s full approach to financial success can be summarised in 10 steps:

Decide on a definite purpose. Write down exactly how much money you want, by when. Make it clear, specific and tangible.

Embed it in your subconscious. Visualise this goal twice daily as if it were already a reality.

Fan the flames of a burning desire to acquire it. Have faith.

Develop self-confidence, eliminate fear and trust in your ability to get what you want by applying the principles above.

Make a plan. Write a plan of action, get started right away (whether you feel ready or not) and develop your plan over time.

Learn what you need. Identify the specific knowledge you need to make your plan a success.

Learn it yourself or surround yourself with people who have it.

Gather support.

Put together a Master Mind group of like-minded people to sympathise, cooperate and share knowledge with.

Get help from others.

Meet with your Master Mind group often and maintain perfect harmony within it.

Set your subconscious up for success.

Step back, listen, support and guard your subconscious as it works.

So where do we go in our learning journey from here: I suggest we now look for guidance to one of the finest exponents of Mr. Hill's teachings and that is Bob Proctor. Let us now look to his writings and videos and courses as we continue this search. I have added some more to the Resources page as a starting point.

Think and Grow Rich

My final thoughts on this book. I had to show you all this little light hearted video which so easily explains what we have been learning over the past 3 months.
Over Christmas and the New Year we will have a deeper look at some of Bobs own work.

You were born Rich

Last week I took some time to read Bob's book You were born Rich. I as keen to see how he used Napoleon Hill's 13 principles and how he laid them out for the modern age.

The book tells us of how success is possible not by reaching for what you cannot have but by looking at what you already have and rearranging them to suit your needs. The lessons and the variety of different case studies in this book can be applied directly to real life and can further improve your life one step at the same time.

Bob Proctor has been associated with personal and professional development for much longer than other individuals that is alive today. There are always an extraordinary amount of happy, successful individuals who pin their successes on his advice and teachings. One of the greatest things about You Were Born Rich is the fact that it doesn’t just speak to the head it speaks to the heart as well. I would imagine that you can relate to this feeling. Isn’t it amazing when someone speaks to the ‘whole you’ and their message resonates with you on a conscious and subconscious level?

You Were Born Rich doesn’t just advocate Positive Thinking for the sake of thinking positively. It explains why things like a positive mindset and setting goals are important. You may even find that the messages are conveyed so powerfully that some of your beliefs may be changed immediately. This publication allows the audience to know how we are really in charge of our very own destinies. So with a genuine level of determination we can perform what you want to achieve in life.

Bob makes clear to the audience how our thoughts have such an enormous effect on the results that people experience in our lives. He talks about laws of the Universe and how we can tune into them to better ourselves.

In an enlightening part of the book, Proctor describes the ‘Acorn Analogy’. He outlines how acorns are just like human beings. Like everything in our universe, they are just a mass of energy with a high speed of vibration. Leave an acorn out of the earth and it begins to die. However, the second that you plant the acorn, it starts to attract the energy particles that help the growth of an oak tree.

A human being is also a large mass of energy at a particular rate of vibration. This rate of vibration is dependent upon the person’s thoughts. As a result, they then proceed to attract the energy that correlates with their most common thoughts. Interesting, right? This analogy made a great deal of sense to me. It made me see the correlation between the way I had been thinking and the results that I had been getting. A good example of this is to ‘get a good job’ that pays well and do this until retirement. Which is getting further and further away each year. Currently those born after 1960, the retirement age is now 67+. This nearly happened to me. Thankfully, I made a mindful effort to work with the ideas of Bob Proctor, not against thm. As a result, I reprogramed my thinking and now understand life in a totally different way.